If you have a query about anything to do with me being a student (i.e., my PhD work, or papers I’ve published up to 2026), it’s If it’s something I’m employed by Swansea University to do (i.e., teaching1 or research assistant-related) please use

PGP Keys

I’m starting to use PGP (through GPG) to sign and encrypt my emails (and you should think about doing the same). All of my keys are available at; let me know if they aren’t available! I can present my key fingerprints in person if you’d like to further verify it’s me you’re talking to.

Note: I tend to use different keys for signing Git commits, you can check these belong to me by using the mechanisms provided by the remote Git repositories, or I can send a signed copy of the public key in question over email (if you’d prefer).


Send me an email to book an MS Teams or Zoom meeting.

Important: if you’re a student at Swansea University, please don’t contact me on social media! Use (one of) my email addresses1.

Swansea University Computer Society

My SUCS username is muntonsi; I have a GitLab account, a landing page, and am on the Milliways BBS (though probably won’t be very active there).


  1. See the section marked “Information for students” on the teaching page of this site before emailing me about teaching matters  2