I am a Learning Demonstrator in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science at Swansea University.

Information for students

At present, I am not module co-ordinator for any module, nor am I listed under “module lecturers” on any intranet page. Generally, if you have questions, feedback, or concerns about a module I demonstrate on, you should contact the module co-ordinator or lecturers listed on its intranet page. However, you may contact me at genevieve.clifford@swansea.ac.uk if both of the following are true about the module:

  1. It is one that I am currently a teaching assistant for (in the “Current” section)
  2. I have listed “support sessions” as one of my roles for it


In round brackets: academic session(s) and role(s) in module. “Guest” sessions are those I am not contracted for, but have undertaken in my own time.


I am not teaching at the moment while the university is on summer break.


Level 3 (i.e., foundation year modules)

Level 4 (i.e., first year undergraduate modules)

Level 5 (i.e., second year undergraduate modules)

Level 6 (i.e., third year undergraduate modules)

Level 7 (i.e., taught postgraduate modules)