Who are you?

Hello! My name is Genevieve Clifford; I go by Genevieve and Gen1 and I use she/her pronouns.

What do you do?

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Swansea University; I’m funded by a Welsh Graduate School for the Social Sciences ‘1+3’ studentship under the Digital Economy and Society pathway. I am also a teaching assistant on modules in Computer Science.

What are your research interests?

Broadly: community technology; (queer/trans/feminist) human-computer interaction/computer-supported co-operative work; social aspects of cybersecurity and cybercrime; and applied transgender studies. I’m more than happy to chat to folks (staff and students alike) about these if they’re interested! I am a member of: FITLab2; the Centre of Digital Arts and Humanities (CODAH); the Network for Artificial Intelligence, the Arts, the Digital Economy & Society (NAIADES); and the Cybercrime & Online Harms Practitioner Network (COPRNET).


  1. Pronounced: jen 

  2. I am also a co-organiser of the FITLab Reading Group